Dual Yellow (Pigmentation)







The Powerful, Fast and Advanced Dual Yellow Laser

“ Dual Yellow ”

Dual Yellow

The Dual Yellow Laser is a gentle yet highly effective laser used for skin rejuvenation. It can improve the appearance of many dermatological issues including unwanted pigmentation (moles, age spots, brown/red spots, melasma), spider veins, and rosacea.

Dual Yellow Benefits

578nm wavelength perfectly matches the absorption peak of both haemoglobin and proto porphyrin9

Safely treats all skin types, including Fitzpatrick type IV, V and VI

Wide variety of treatment spot size

Combination of the perfect wavelength, the perfect penetration depth and the perfect power density

Painless andgentle procedure with no down time

Multiple pre-programmed settings and user programmable buttons

What are pigmented lesions?

Most common pigmented lesions are freckles, age spots, liver spots, hyperpigmentation, actinic keratosis and pigmented nevi. They normally contain very high concentrations of melanin (pigment) and can be caused by too much sun, aging, genetics or injury.

How it works for pigmented lesions?

The green light (511 nm) from the Dual Yellow laser targets the melanin, which is the principle component in the lesion. Surrounding tissue remains undamaged.

You will see immediate change and in some cases the lesion will darken slightly, which is perfectly normal. The pigment will then gradually come away over the following week. This method causes no damages to surrounding tissue and you avoid invasive procedures such as surgical removal or freezing.

Green light (511 nm)

The 511 nm green wavelength targets pigmented lesions, ideally absorbed by melanin contained within melanocytes.

FEM® Technology

The FEM® technology, uniquely available on the Dual Yellow laser; gives long-term results and avoids collateral damage, pain and other side effects.

FEM® stands for Fast Edge Micropulse. The real power of FEM® is the steeply rising pulse of yellow light, and then rapid decrease, delivering 3kW of peak power exactly where it is needed.

The Norseld Dual Yellow laser is the only laser on the market able to produce 22,000 micropulses per second and create a photochemical reaction in the dermis treating Melasma, Skin rejuvenation and Acne.

FEM® Technology works in 3 key areas: Penetration Depth, Collateral Damage, Treatment Efficacy

Penetration Depth
This is vital to deliver the right amount of energy without causing collateral damage to the surrounding tissue.

Collateral Damage
Dual Yellow laser delivers 22,000 nanosecond pulses per second and is able to change the cell structure, necrose vessels and suppress VEGF without causing any damage to the surrounding tissue.

Treatment Efficacy
By combining high peak power (3kw) and a train of nanosecond pulses, the Dual Yellow Laser provides the best treatment platform for both user and patient.

How many treatment will I need?

The number of sessions required depends on the severity of the condition. Usually, anywhere from 3-7 treatments are required for desired results.

Does it hurt?

The treatment is well tolerated by most patients without any form of anaesthetic. Most patients describe the feeling similar to that of a rubber band flicking on the skin, and a topical anaesthetic can be used if necessary.

Is the treatment safe?

If the laser is operated by properly trained personnel, the treatment is completely safe and will not cause any skin damage. Unlike IPLs which are broadband and which contain wavelengths that may damage other tissues, lasers are narrow-band and target ONLY the blemish being treated.

Who can be treated?

People suffering from dull, unattractive skin with severe pigmentation such as melasma, lesions, and acne. This treatment will greatly benefit people with recurring melasma, stubborn acne, bulky lesions, and vascular lesions.

DUAL YELLOW LASER treatment is also a perfect laser treatment for people seeking skin brightening and overall rejuvenation of the skin.